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Liquid Laundry


Liquid-Loundry-01Bali Soap's Pure Green natural laundry soap is 100% biodegradable and safe for septic tanks and more importantly it is safe to use on the clothes that come in contact with your skin. Does not cause any skin irritation and gets your laundry clean the natural way.

Our laundry soap is extra concentrated and goes a long way. Many of our customers also like to use it as a dishwashing soap.

Most common laundry detergents are made with synthetic surfactants and often contain phosphates. These chemicals are slow to degrade and are harmful to organisms found in ground water, rivers and coastal areas of the ocean. These same harmful chemicals are also the leading cause of skin irritations and are known to cause other serious human ailments.

Sadly, commercial laundry detergents usually do not state the ingredients on their packaging. You can play a part in reducing the negative impacts on our environment by using biodegradable laundry soap.

Bali Soap Liquid Laundry Soap is plant based and made without animal testing.

  • No Parabens
  • No Sodium Lauryl Sulfates
  • No Petroleum based products
  • Low cost – manufacturer direct
  • Biodegradable – reduce your impact
  • Small order minimums and custom fragrancing
  • Luxurious – improve your customer's experience
  • Quick lead times – reduce your needed working capital
  • Our range of hospitality products are designed for the ecologically concerned

Show your guests you care about them and the environment.

Available sizes:
1 Liter – 5 Liter – 20 Liter
Comes in fresh Lemon scent or fragrance free.


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