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Soap Nuts



What are Soap Nuts?

Soap Nuts are the berry/fruit from the tree, Sapindus mukorossi. This small tree is indigenis to Southern Asia. These berries naturally contain Saponin, a natural soap like compound. For centuries, many cultures in Asia have utilized these soap nuts for bathing and washing laundry. Now with greater awareness of the potential health risks of using chemical detergents for personal laundry, households in the west are turning to the natural simplicity of Soap Nuts.

How To Use Soap Nuts?

Put nuts in provided baggie. Put baggie in washing machine with laudry and wash. Large loads use 4-5 nuts. Medium loads use 3-4 nuts. Small loads use 2-3 nuts. To extend the ue of nuts: on consecutive loads, try leaving semi used nuts from first load and adding fresh nuts as needed.


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