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Shipping Image-01Bali Soap does not provide shipping services but we will do our best to help facilitate the shipping of your order. We are happy to assist you in getting a competitive shipping quote to your selected port destination.

Our business terms are ex-factory Bali but most cargo companies doing business in Bali include the following in their pricing:

  • Ocean Freight
  • Inland Trucking Bali to Surabaya Port
  • Handling + Pick Up in Bali
  • Packing
  • Export Documents
  • Courier Documents
  • Humidity Absorber

Sea Freight:

Most of our customers ship their export orders by sea freight LCL (less than container load). This is the most cost effective method of shipping soaps unless you are shipping a container with other products. To ship a full container of soap would be A LOT of soap and we do not see this happen very often.

The cargo company will collect your order from our factory and take it to their warehouse to securely repack. Your items will be packed into a purpose built wooden shipping case / crate / boxes at their warehouse. From there it will be shipped to Surabaya port and loaded onto a container combined with the other shipments towards your final destination.

The minimum volume is 1 cbm and some destinations require that a minimum of 2 cbm be shipped. 1 cbm will hold approximately 5,000 pcs of 100g bar soap. Once you place your order we can help you estimate the total volume of your order. Also, if your order falls in between say 1 and 2 cbm they will only charge you the exact volume – for example 1.3 cbm.

Original shipping documents are mailed by courier to you after final payment of your order and shipping is paid in full.

Air Freight:

Occasionally we have customers who are in a hurry to get their goods and they select this much more expensive method of shipping. Air freight costs are based on the weight of the order. There are no minimum weight requirements and once the cargo company collects your order from our warehouse they can usually have it on the plan leaving for your destination in a few days.

With air freight you have the option of door to port or door to door. The latter is of course more convenient but also much more expensive.

Full payment for your order and the shipping must be received before the goods are placed on the airplane.

Using a Container or Consolidating Your Shipment:

If you have a container you intend to use for shipping goods from more than one supplier in Bali then you can consolidate your Bali Soap order and we will help coordinate with your cargo company. However, your “export” order is only exempt from Indonesian 10% VAT if your order is shipped with Bali Soap’s invoice and a PEB form (statement of exported goods) is provided by your cargo agent with our name on it. Some cargo agents charge an extra fee for this documentation which you will be responsible for paying.

Insurance Fee:

If needed the cargo agents usually charge a fee of 2.5% of the total goods value.


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