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Why Work With Us


At Bali Soap our products, packing, production and business systems have all been carefully designed to fulfill the needs of all our customers, from the largest wholesaler to the smallest retailer.

Bali Soap is a legally registered Indonesian corporation. Bali Soap's production and packing facilities have been certified by the Indonesian Food and Drug Control Agency (BPOM). Our soaps have been tested and certified to be safe by BPOM as well as an independent International agency.


Since 2005, Bali Soap has grown to be the largest manufacturer of natural soap and body care products in Bali. Our 8 years of experience and large production capacity ensures that our customers get their orders (large or small) on time and are satisfied with the final product they receive.


We offer great value that you can pass on to your customers either with the Bali Soap brand or by creating or addsing value with your own private label range.

Download our price lists and combine this with the service and quality we guarantee and we are sure you will be hard pressed to find a better soap at these prices sold anywhere in the world.

Commitment to Natural Ingredients

Unlike many companies, we manufacture all of our soap and body care bases from raw materials and know everything that goes into our products. Our soap bases are vegetable oil based (no petroleum based surfactants/detergents). We label all of our products honestly and list them on the label from greatest amount to least.

Our body care products do not contain any harmful chemicals like:

  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate
  • Methyl Paraben
  • Propyl Paraben

Our products do contain the following beneficial ingredients:

  • Palm Oil which acts as a moisturizing agent.
  • Coconut Oil which acts as a gentle skin cleanser
  • Castor Oil acts as an extra moisturizer for the skin because of its high ricinoleic acid content.
  • Coco Betaine acts as a mild surfactant which helps provide for a mild use shampoo and body wash.
  • Coco DEA acts as a foam booster.
  • Aloe Vera acts as hair growth promoter and makes the hair smooth.
  • Honey acts as an extra moisturizer rich in nutrients for the hair.

All of our liquid products are composed of 91% or more of natural products and our bar soaps are 98% to 100% natural.


We make a conscious effort to keep our manufacturing practices environmentally friendly.

We minimize waste. There is near zero material waste in our production process. All raw materials go into our products. Any off-cuts are recycled into consequent batches.

In our soap production facility we have created a two-tiered filtration system that we use for cleaning all of our utensils and soap making containers. This ensures all of our waste water is ph balanced before being disposed.

Bali Soap also believes that it is important for us to be community minded. Trash and litter in this developing nation has become a terrible problem so every month we make a donation to the GUS foundation. This is a local Balinese NGO which is active in promoting education and awareness regarding the problems of trash and litter. We believe that gradually this will make a positive difference here in Bali.

Our Employees

At Bali Soap all of our employees work under a code of ethics and accountability: team work, improvement of process, quality of work, safety and respect of others. All staff at Bali Soap are provided health insurance and pensions using the Indonesian government's JAMSOSTEK program. Our employee satisfaction is very high, and our turnover rate is quite low. We have a valued team!

Our employee's well-being is at the forefront of Bali Soap's policy making decisions. Bali Soap's facilities and practices are designed to ensure employee safety, health and welfare. Our employees earn wages above the government's mandated level and receive yearly increases based on inflation, years worked and responsibility. Unlike most local businesses that require a half day of work on Saturday we prefer that all of our employees take the entire weekend off to relax and spend with their families.

We believe that better wages and benefits result in greater dedication from our employees, and consequently, less turn over. We also believe that low production costs can be achieved by efficient systems rather than over demanding labor practices. We do not discriminate on the basis of sex, race or religion.

Palm Oil

What should the conscientious consumer do? Avoid a bar of soap made in Indonesia that honestly states it has palm oil as an ingredient, and meanwhile continue to un-knowingly purchase and consume food products, cosmetics, and bio-fuels that have were derived from Indonesia's palm oil and shipped out of the country in bulk with no value addsed? That obviously makes no sense.

At Bali Soap, we purchase palm and coconut oils and convert these raw materials into higher value products here in Indonesia. The income per unit is radically increased and creates local jobs outside of the plantation. This enables Indonesia to maximize its income from an already existing but finite supply of palm oil.

It is Bali Soap's belief that the best use of the existing supply of palm oil is for Indonesian companies to convert it into higher value products before exporting. Conscientious individuals should not avoid the products of companies like Bali Soap, but should put their efforts into environmental groups that promote sustainable plantation practices as well as awareness for better forestry laws and enforcement.

Bali Soap is the first natural soap manufacturer in Indonesia to become a member of GreenPalm. Membership allows us to participate in this certificate trading program which is designed to tackle the environmental and social problems created by the production of palm oil. Bali Soap purchases sustainable palm oil certificates to offset all of our palm oil use. By purchasing the credits, Bali Soap is paying a premium to palm oil producers that are audited by RSPO and proven to use more environmentally responsible practices to produce and harvest palm oil used in our natural soap and body care products.


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